Spodek & Co. is a Toronto based digital marketing and communications agency that helps startups, agencies and brands tell their story through digital media. We stay on top of the latest digital tools and trends, so you don’t have to. And we know how these tools can be used to entertain, educate and engage your audience.

Whether you’re looking to launch a new company, modernize a legacy brand, or you’ve already dipped your toe into digital media, our team of professionals can strategically enhance your brand visibility, and help ensure your business is found when your customer is searching online.


Digital Communications Strategy

The conversation hasn’t changed. The medium has. Desktop, tablet, or mobile—information today travels at a pace never before seen, and word-of-mouth marketing can literally make or break a brand. That’s why staying on top of—and ahead of—your story has never been more important.

Looking to raise awareness? To build trust? To better your customer service and customer relations? Or maybe you’re in need of issues management help, and fast! Spodek & Co. plans and executes integrated, thought provoking communication strategies, from initial development through to campaign management and monitoring. We tell your story the way you want it told. And we aren’t afraid of a little disruption.

Your reputation is all you have. Let us help you enhance and protect it.

The PESO Model*

Ensuring all your marketing touchpoints are tied together across different media types is vital to a successful campaign. That’s why we adhere to the PESO model when building out digital marketing and communications plans, and tie together your Paid, Earned, Shared, and Owned media. Here’s PESO in a nutshell:

P: Paid media can include social media advertising, Google AdWords, sponsored content, or email marketing.

E: Earned media refers to brand visibility gained from the connections you make online, whether journalists, influential bloggers, or other thought leaders in the space.

S: Shared media is simply social media, and the thinking behind what content you share, and where and when you share it.

O: Owned media is your digital real estate. Content you own, including video, text, and images, that lives on your website.

Digital marketing plans that strategically link all four of these important media types result in improved lead generation, increased conversion rates, better audience relationships, and nurture a healthy marriage between organic and paid search.

*adapted from Spin Sucks.

Content Strategy and Creation

The goal with any content strategy is to drive brand recognition and consumer trust. You can achieve both by sharing your stories and illustrating what sets you apart from the crowd.

Content has the ability to delight your audience, change perceptions and win over new customers, but many busy companies run on content autopilot. They know they need digital content but aren’t sure what or why. And if they’re already creating content, they’re not sure whether it’s having an impact on their bottom line.

We can help you understand the value content brings to your brand and prioritize which types of content will best impact your unique audience. From an initial content audit, assessment and gaps analysis, Spodek & Co. develops multimedia content to drive your objectives, and provides the strategy, resources, tactics and tools necessary to measure its effectiveness. Creating and sharing digital content is good. Creating and sharing the right digital content for your brand and audience is even better.

Relationship Building, Social Media Marketing & Community Management

While it sounds contradictory, the digital space is actually a very human place. And while it’s no secret that people thrive on relationships with other people, today they also thrive on, and expect to have, similar relationships with the brands they love and companies they are curious about.

Spodek & Co. knows how to create and foster these important relationships, by amplifying your brand voice and building trust with your communities across social media touchpoints.

Posting, monitoring, and engaging with an online audience requires consistency. We specialize in developing, executing, managing and measuring community building initiatives across social media platforms, for both organic and paid campaigns.

We also provide social content development with branded images, schedule and post to social channels, and manage online conversations. Mix in media and influencer relations, ambassador programs, reputation monitoring and measurement, and you have your social, content, and communications strategies seamlessly tied together.

Website Design & Development

Having your own online property is important. A website gives you and your business, a destination where you have control and are not at the mercy of a social media platform where changes can negatively impact your business operations. Spodek & Co. offers website development and maintenance as a special service for our clients because we were tired of seeing great businesses with stale websites. Our leadership team has more than 60 years of combined experience in web strategy, design and development, including eLearning and eCommerce.

Teaching, Training and Coaching

The Spodek & Co. team enjoys brainstorming ideas and mentoring through shared knowledge, whether developing materials for in-house social media training, drafting important corporate social media guidelines, delivering one-off workshops or acting as your on-demand Director of Digital Media.

Some of our team members are available for digital communications guest speaking opportunities. We also create and share our own easily accessible in-house content through our blog, as well as in ebooks and whitepapers.

Related Services

Haven’t seen what you’re looking for? Ask us! If we don’t offer it we probably have a partner that does and we’d be happy to subcontract them on your behalf for a seamless experience.


You have a vision. Let us partner with you and help bring that vision to life.