The Weekly Download – September 16, 2016

Weekly Download September 16Didn’t this week fly right by? One minute it was Monday morning and the next minute, well, you know what today is… FRIDAY! I hope you enjoy this week’s edition of The Weekly Download. Please let me know what you’d like to see more of (or less of) in this column in the comments.


How many times have you had conversations with women colleagues who have been questioned about their salary requirements or consulting fees in a way that their male counterparts haven’t experienced? And it’s even a bigger issue for women of colour. It’s not new. Celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence have been using their voices for the past few years to try effecting change within their industry and some have been using their power to help women in general (possibly to the detriment of their careers). The latest is Kristen Bell, the first celebrity to partner with HuffPo for their new Celebs Have Issues feature. Bell uses tongue and cheek to raise a serious issue about the gender pay gap that’s still prevalent in North America (although maybe a bit less so in Canada due to pay equity legislation). Scary Mommy shares some of the online conversations about Pinksourcing with women sharing their pay inequality stories – check out the one about the women who worked in the same company as her husband – and some ill-informed men making light and mansplaining the wage gap.
Pinksourcing With Kristen Bell | Celebs Have Issues Ep. 1 


My colleague Gina suggested we share this story about people in Edmonton, Alberta who are making a difference. While downtown filming a PSA about the city of Edmonton, Jesse Lipscombe, who is black, was the victim of racial slurs by someone using the “N” word. The incident was caught on video and made national news.

As a result, #Makeitawkward was born to let people know there is still racism all around us –even if in hiding – and it’s unacceptable. #Makeitawkward project led by actor and former athletic champion, Lipscombe and Edmonton’s mayor, Don Iveson to combat bigotry, sexism and hate. In order to fund the initiative, they’ve launched a #Makeitawkward GoFundMe campaign. The campaign has garnered the attention and support from Prime Minister Trudeau. Check out the campaign and take the #Makeitawkward pledge.

Evernote and iMessage

This week iOS 10 came out. I’m waiting until some of the debugging is done before I update my iPhone and iPad but that’s not keeping me from paying attention to some of the cool things we’ll be able to do with the new features that are part of the new operating system. One that caught my eye is the integration of Evernote and iMessage. I’ve been using Evernote for years and if you’re like me, you’re probably using messaging apps more than email these days. Now you’ll be able to share all your Evernote notes (including reminders, meeting updates, etc.) with anyone else who uses iMessage without having to leave the iMessage app. What excites you most about iOS 10? 

Tech Companies Hiring in Toronto

Looking for work in tech? The job market is tough right now but there’s some good news: Hootsuite (not all are advertised) and Slack are setting up Toronto offices. They’re creating lots of jobs. BetaKit has a full job board too.

ICYMI My First eBook… and it’s Yours for FREE!

If you’ve been keeping up with my blog, you’ll see that I’ve been publishing a lot of content about crowdfunding. I’m also excited to be consulting on another crowdfunding campaign. I’m passionate about this topic and I’ve learned so much about it, so I’ve decided to share it all in a free ebook. Even if you’re not sure whether crowdfunding is right for you, check out my guide. You never know what you might learn. All I ask in return is if you like it, please forward this to a friend and invite them to download the guide, too!
free crowdfunding ebook

Friday Fun –

Amy Schumer sick in Paris

You’re right. Being sick isn’t fun at all. But, if you’re going be sick while you’re on vacation, why not go for it in the City of Love with your significant other. Well, that’s what Amy Schumer did this week and she ended up hospitalized with the flu. If you’re one of her fans, you’ll know nothing gets in the way of an opportunity for her to joke around.

Ada’s Sisters – Episode 30: Sexist dress codes, naked selfies, Land’s End Legend program, circular phones and Wikipedia

This week, I’ve hand-picked another episode out of the Ada’s Sisters’ archive that I hope you’ll enjoy. Winnipeg’s Amy Tuckett-McGimpsey and Allison Ferry attack sexist dress codes because at some Canadian restaurants, waitresses are still required to dress like you’re going to the club – high-heels, low-cut tight tops and all. We talk about a teacher who was forced to resign because of her naked selfie and the quick end to Land’s End’s Legends program. Did you know that women had trouble with rectangles? Neither did we, but a new phone start-up is designing circular phones for confused females we have never met. Speaking of circular problems, RBS is experimenting with an AI customer service pilot project that really could do no worse than what they have now. Wikipedia just noticed that a lot of their millions of pages have never felt the touch of a woman, much like many of the editors of Wikipedia.
Listen up! And, if you like what you hear, please review Ada’s Sisters on iTunes.

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